Services Offered


Every dog will receive a bath using Espree Natural Shampoos (unless otherwise requested), complete drying, a thorough brush out, ears cleaned and plucked if needed, nails trimmed, and anal gland checked/expressed. Optional inclusions: finishing spray (cologne) and bow/bandana.

Additional Spa Options:

Special Shampoo

Remoisturising Conditioner

Sweedish Massage

Tooth brushing

"In-Season" Fee -- $15
Please wait until your dog is FINISHED bleeding before having themm groomed.

No Show/No Call Policy
Due to multiple clients failing to cancel scheduled appointments, we have had to install a no-show policy.
1) First no-show will be "forgiven" with a verbal warning.
2) Second no-show, each dog will incur an additional $10 fee added to their next appointment.
3) Third no-show, each dog will incur a doubled fee AND will be required to PREPAY using a Visa/Mastercard prior to booking appointment--non refundable.