About The Groomer

Maggie grew up in Grays Harbor county. After completing her Associate of Arts degree, she attended Western Washington University for a spell before finding herself in the fast-paced city of Las Vegas. It was here she had her introduction to professional grooming. She started as a bather at an independent groom shop. From there she worked at one of the corporate pet stores and slowly learned grooming techniques. Efficiently, she progressed and took a promotion, moving to Baltimore, MD and became the grooming manager after completing her national certification in pet grooming with a "Terrier Group" forte. Feeling home-sick for the Pacific Northwest, she returned to Seattle and worked as the grooming manager for the other national corporation. While trying to find her niche, she preferred working at the smaller, independent stores. In January of 2006, she happily opened “Canine Clips,” and is excited to be able to offer the qualities in a groom shop she feels most important: tremendous customer service, excellent pet grooming, efficient appointment times, and a quaint/loving atmosphere. She resides on Camano Island with her sister and their four dogs.

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