House Sitting

Canine Clips is proud to offer house/farm sitting in the Skagit Valley region.

This service is where Maggie (or a qualified independent contractor) will stay at YOUR house and take care of the animals, home, plants, mail, etc. She will try to maintain "life on the farm" as normal as possible while she cares for your furry, scaly, hairy, or slimy loved ones! Prices do vary for each listing, but the general rates are $35 per night. Larger farms may have an increased rate. Holiday rates do not apply, but are booked ahead most often. Please call for quotes, information, and scheduling!

Canine Clips does not promote kennels or boarding facilities. If you are leaving the area and are unable to take your pets with you, we recommend that you find a house sitter, whether that be Canine Clips, someone from your church, or the responsible teenager in your neighborhood. We are concerned about the welfare of your pet and the attention they receive while you are on vacation. While the following is an extreme case, it happens too often. Accidents occur, but this is just on of the many cases of neglect that we see and hear about weekly in our business. Should you choose to board or kennel your pets, please look into the facility and research your options.

The following pictures are of one of my clients that ran into a very misfortunate situation.

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Five Days At A Kennel

Six month old puppy.

The kennel "thought it was a little rash."

Almost a year old now and still on the mend.