Products Used

We proudly and exclusively use Espree shampoos and conditioners. Canine Clips does not, however, have a retail selection...therefore feel free to check out Espree Natural Products

Energee Plustm Our every day, cleansing shampoo. Not only does it get dirty dogs clean, it has helps get the coat shiny and bright, and is gentle on skin.

Berry Delighttm An additional shampoo to help with odors and degreasing.

Bright Whitetm For those special all-white dogs that need the brightening effects without using bleach or other harsh abrassives.

Luxury Remoisturizertm Conditioner Our top seller for conditioners. It helps with is truely a grooming wonder!! De-shedding, blowing coats, matting, skin conditions, etc. This is a wonder conditioner that we recommend the most!!